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Our Vision

  Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eye can see. Our journey in agriculture has been one of learning, growing,  endurance and always looking forward to better experiences. Our faith, family and farm are what brings out the best in each of us. Having a strong commitment to all three is very rewarding and remembering sometimes you reap much later than you sow. We have also benefited from the great blessings of those who came before us.

  We do know that this invaluable land that we farm is truly a gift from the Lord God.  We must, as people who have been entrusted with the land, be vigilant and protect its very nature and enhance its value with our many decisions that are required of a good steward. For the past twenty years, no til practices has been such a positive influence on our farm, allowing the soil to continue to improve the natural structure as it was intended. We are firm believers that there are always improvements that will regenerate the life of the soil. Our desire is to help any who will enquire and who eat from the bounty of the land. We encourage our youth to take up the torch in self-sufficient healthy food production for this nation. A strong, independent country must sustain itself with food, fuel and fiber from its own nation!

  We have been called to protect the land, and we must never grow weary in sustaining its very existence! Our heartfelt desire is to leave the land better than we found it, as our forefathers accomplished.

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